Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yarning Along

We're all really enjoying knitting and crocheting.  I think I like crocheting better than knitting.  It seems faster, and I'm able to get into a groove so I can talk or listen to people while I do it.  Here are the latest projects...

Maria...a completed dishcloth and beginning her second,
Monica...almost ready to bind off her scarf,
Mommy...finishing up the ruffle on a shawl for Maria
Go see more yarny things at Ginny's.


  1. Lovely yarns! Crocheting is definitely faster than knitting, and I find it much easier. But I will conquer the knit ;)!

  2. I learned to crochet when I was younger and had brothers who loved to pull the needles out -- with crochet you only lose 1 st! Now I only knit ... to me it's faster but I've been knitting forever. How cool that you have the girls crafting too ...

  3. I love that you are knitting together! My 11 year old is just starting to knit, and I love seeing her knitting while watching a Netflix or or while I read aloud to the kids...

    Nice projects!

  4. Great items!

    Yes, crocheting is faster than knitting, but there are lots of knitting patterns that are "mindless" in that you don't have to pay a lot of attention to it. I often do mindless knitting when I'm watching TV or talking to others. I save the lace and other ones that require you to pay attention for when I'm alone and not focusing on the TV.

    Shelley @ Kitten Knits Yarn

  5. I love that the girls love to knit with me. I always tell them to take their knitting downstairs when they watch a program. Sometimes they knit while we do our morning prayer time. People say singing is praying twice, but I think knitting is!;) I really want to get to the level of crocheting laces. I come from a long line of crochet mamas, and I also hope to conquer the knit!!;) Thanks, ladies.


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