Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Break

After Monica came down with a case of the flu on the 11th and generously passed it on to each of her siblings one after the other, we decided to have a Spring Break.  It was wonderful!

There was a lot of snuggling and cuddling to help keep the fevers down and the bodies comfortable.:(

We also did a lot of crafting!

Project 1 - Cozy/Cover for my KitchenAid Mixer

I started with fabric scraps from a maternity dress I made 12 years ago, napkins I made 12 years ago, and the bag I made last Spring.  After cutting all of the fabric to the size needed to cut the side panels and body, I used quilt basting spray to secure the top, batting, and bottom for quilting.  Maria helped me quilt the fabric.  Thankfully, the maternity dress material had a diagonal pattern that was easy to follow with straight stitching!

We used Grandma's Singer because our other machine was being loaned out.
Maria quilted both of the side panels.  That was a big help!
I used Corinne's instructions and downloadable pattern for cutting out the side panels.  You can find her tutorial here.

Because I was working with fabric scraps, my green fabric wasn't long enough for the body.  I had to get creative with my double-fold bias tape to cover up the seam line where I tacked on the extra fabric.:)

I thought the brown would look pretty on the green.

I followed Corinne's instructions for assembly.  This is not sewing for the faint of heart.  She is not kidding that sewing skills are vital to this project.  Turning the fabric to make the top curve was a bit of a trick, but it was the bias tape on the edging that caused me a little grief.  I took her advice and sewed one side of the tape on...

and then hand stitched the other side.  It worked!

Here's the finished product.

And it's reversible...if I want it to be!

I really like the cover, and it looks cute on the counter.  Now the KitchenAid mixer will be dust-free!  Don't you just love all that Spring green?  I do!

Project 2 - Alphabet Quilt...or I Just Really Want to Get Rid of a Lot of Scrap Material!

Once you start asking questions, you can get yourself raveled up into a lot more than you bargained for.  One of the reasons I bought a Cricut cutter was to try to cut fabric with it.  I've always been intrigued by applique quilting.  The thought of tracing onto fabric and cutting all those pieces by hand is overwhelming to say the least!  After scanning all over the internet, I finally found a method I was willing to try to get the job done.  I ironed all of my scrap fabrics with heavy spray starch.  I then used Heat & Bond Lite to stiffen up the fabric and get it ready to iron onto the quilt block if I could actually cut the fabric.  After a bit of experimentation, it worked!

Next, I had to iron the fabric letters onto the coordinating fabric blocks.  These will all get embroidered before we start sewing the blocks together to make the quilt top.  Fun, fun, fun.:)

Among those projects, I finally finished a jumper for my god-daughter and we got further along with a baby quilt for Nicholas who is no longer a tiny baby.  Oh, well.  They are still fun projects to work on at any time.:)

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