Tuesday, March 1, 2011

National Pig & Pancake Day

One of my sisters just informed me via e-mail that it is National Pig & Pancake Day today!!  I totally forgot.  What with all the knitting, crocheting, and my new acquisition of a serger, I've been thoroughly preoccupied.  It's super easy to celebrate this day.  Here's a bit of what we did last year:

Pig Cookies

Pizza & Pig Tails

Piggyback Races

Wearing pink!

I think for today a breakfast dinner of pancakes and pork sausage is in order along with a viewing of Charlotte's web.  Enjoy the day!



  1. Nice! Hope the kiddies enjoy their evening.

  2. How could you have possibly forgotten?! :-) Those are majorly cute cookies from last year!

    Let me know details about Sunday - see you then!

  3. Thanks, Nora & Heather! Heather, I'll give you a call about Sunday or better yet shoot you an e-mail.:)


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