Monday, March 21, 2011

Judaica which I get back to my, uh, roots!

Back in December we frantically headed over to the mall to pick up a snow-suit for Nicholas because he didn't have one.  How after having six older siblings could this kid enter winter without a snow-suit?  Beats me!  Anyway, we got in and were ready to get out of the mall when we were stopped by a kiosk merchant who was marveling at the number of children we had.  She sheepishly asked if we were Jewish.  Jewish?  Well, my husband said, "You could say that.  We are Catholic, but we consider ourselves Jews by adoption."  To which she replied, "Yes, Jesus was a Jew!"  It made me think about a few things...

I love to make Challah Bread for the kids and Daddy and usually make it on Saturdays to be eaten on Sunday, the Lord's Day.

We love to have a Seder Meal for Holy Thursday and not just because Daddy loves to sing, "Hinei Ma Tov!"

I'm also super excited to get this for the kiddies in anticipation for our Seder this Holy Week on Holy Thursday...

I decided to include the whole link to Amazon here because after searching all around the internet KidKraft has the best price for this Passover Set.  And, of course, Amazon has the best price for KidKraft products.

Our Christian faith is grafted to the roots of Judaism.  We have a rich heritage!  May we never forget.

Sunrise, Sunset from The Fiddler on the Roof

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