Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Two Great Homeschool Helps


I can't say enough about how much I enjoy using Quizlet.  This online site is great for doing online flashcard reviews on any number of subjects and unlimited material.  I have used Quizlet to find Monica's WOW (Words of the Week) words for her writing class.  These are words commonly used on the SAT so she's expected to know them as an added bonus for her class.  We've also used Quizlet for our Latin studies.  Maria uses Quizlet for Latina Christiana I, and Monica used Quizlet last year for Latina Christiana II.  Now Monica is using this online flashcard generator for Spanish.  New to Quizlet this year is the ability to add images to your flashcards if you're going to make them.  You can also log on using your Facebook account.  There is also audio in whatever language you choose if you want to learn pronunciation as well.  This is the best!  I love the ability to add all the accents and tildes for the Spanish flashcards.  I have only had to make my own flashcards twice.  Otherwise, I have been able to find flashcards on the site that have been made by others.  What does this cost?  NOTHING!  You do have the ability to donate if you'd like.  The suggested donation is $10 so if you like it, I'd say support this young kid and his team.  It's just going to get better and better!

Here's a little glimpse of what you'll find at Quizlet.

Isn't this cool!

Homeschool Skedtrack

I just found Homeschool Skedtrack  a few days ago.  I usually plan my lessons only three weeks out because something inevitably happens causing me to have to move things to the next week.  I hate rearranging the lessons, erasing, and rewriting what I've spent a lot of time doing.  It's a lesson in futility really!  So I did an online search for a lesson planner and scheduler.  I found this great site.  With this I was able to open an account which looks to be pretty secure.  I have control of the homepage.  Each of the kids has their own page which lists their courses, a daily schedule, a calendar, a hobby log, and a list of tests that need to be taken.  As they finish an activity for the day, they check it off.  The time is logged for their total time they've done school for the day.  I am able to approve the pending work, enter test grades, leave notes regarding those tests, log their attendance, manage the overall school calendar, and keep track of how much time they spend on extracurricular activities.  In the future I'll be able to generate a transcript and any other reports of their grades or time spent in school if I need or want to.  So how much did this cost me?  NOTHING!  The site is free and is a ministry of a nice little homeschool family.  They do ask that you make a donation if you can, but there is no specified amount.  I'm definitely going to donate something.  But if you can't you don't have to.  Isn't that great?  What a service!  I would recommend going through all of the video tutorials listed on the left hand side.  They are a great help for being able to set up everything just the way you want it.  There's still more I don't understand and ways it can help me that I'm not sure of yet.  I did have to e-mail technical support once for the initial set-up.  After that, we were off and running!  The kids love it which is even better.

Hope you enjoy these little links & let me know if you've found something that has really been either a boon or bane.  


  1. Thanks, Grace! I'm excited to check these out.

  2. Let me know what you think or if I missed something.:)

  3. I tried Quizlet and loved it. I am also excited to check out the other site. I can't imagine anything more wonderful than making planning easier. Thanks Grace!

  4. Thanks, Kathy! Let me know if you find something I may have missed or a potential glitch. Sometimes you never know with this things.:)


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