Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Post-Holiday Dump

We were seriously dumped on over the last two days.  Snow totals averaged between 6-20 inches!  I can't believe it.  I just had the van unearthed washed last Wednesday evening taking advantage of the balmy weather.  However, here we are sledding, shoveling, and freezing again!

Yarn Frenzy

I've been enjoying knitting and and crocheting lately.  I just couldn't stop at knitting.  I had to learn to crochet as well.  Knitting, I have found, is great for making garments or small objects (animals), but to embellish them requires crochet.  So, I've been viewing YouTube tutorials in order to learn.  Here's what my set-up usually looks like:

and here are a few finished products...a pair of leg warmers for Jane!

Here's a close-up of the crocheted flowers.  I crocheted a five petal and a six petal and attached them with a button.  Cute!

Meanwhile, Monica is working on a scarf for a friend, and Maria has begun a second dishcloth with an argyle-lace pattern.  

Musical Rooms

We would definitely take the prize for most number of furniture moves in one lifetime!  Again, we moved the older girls to a room of their own downstairs.  Now they have space for some of their hobbies, a private bathroom, and a bigger closet.  They're still getting used to it.

This left space to move Molly and Lucas into their own room (the readers) and Gabe and Jane into a room of their own as well (the earlier bedtime preschoolers).  Nick is still in his own room (the nursery) where we'll also have a guest bed.  Phew!  Daddy is progressing on his re-grouting project in the shower upstairs.  I like his work!

Tonight is the third talk in the Diaconate Come & See series.  We'll be hearing about married life and the diaconate vocation and how they fit together.  I'm excited to hear how it all works.  Our parish deacon is thrilled to have us at the talks.  I'm so proud of Daddy for taking the initiative and bringing me along.  It's been quite insightful to say the least.

Saving Big Money at....Menards?

Here's my beef with Menards....I can't stand their jingle.  I don't even want to link an audio-file for fear I might lose the one-two commenters I get on this blog!  I also don't like how they don't stick to one thing. They compete with Home Depot as a home and garden store, but they also sell things like food, cards, artwork, toys, and cleaning products.  Usually when I accompany Daddy to Menards I stay in the car and nap or listen to the radio.  I refuse to go in.  Yesterday, however, Daddy had a few items to "search" for, and I didn't want to freeze in the car.  I think I lost faith in humanity when I saw this on one of the shelves...

I kid you not!  Who would buy one of these for their.....where would you put something like this?  Tell me, people!  However, my faith was restored when I turned a corner into another aisle and saw a whole load of scrap-booking items on an end-cap.  On display were a Cricut Expression machine for a steal and several Cricut cartridges.  I couldn't find a price on them until I looked up at one of those gaudy sale signs that I thought the retail industry had done away with in the zenith of scanners and barcodes.

But what to my wondering eyes did appear, but an incredibly low price that made me draw near!  The Cricut cartridges were slashed from $45.00 to an unbelievable $9.98!!!  Of course, I bought two after checking if the packages were intact, even slightly damaged, and then ran quickly to give them to Daddy to put in his 5 gallon bucket (that was one of his purchases).  Now, I LOVE Menards!  Well, I don't really, but I will probably get out of the car and venture in the next time we run errands together in case they have another overload of Cricut products they just have to move.


  1. What? Monica & Maria got my room? That's almost as bad as mom replacing my bed with a treadmill when I came to visit from UD...freshman year!

    Wow, Menards, huh? Interesting...

  2. I forgot about their treadmill! That's classic.;) Sorry, buddy, you'll be upstairs waking up in the middle of the night with Nick.:)

  3. Sorry, Grace, but I LOVE Menards! Every time I go there I leave with something and think, "Hmmmm...never thought I'd find that here!" Thank you, however, for NOT putting the jingle...annoying! :-)


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