Monday, February 14, 2011

My Funny Valentine

I love these cute little hand-drawn hearts that I get from my funny Valentine every year.  He's the best!  He surprised me with a sweet little gift of perfume I recently discovered.  He also agreed that I should get a Cricut personal cutter for school use.  Later on today we will be delivering a baby meal.  The kids will be giving these little cards I made with the cutter to the children of that family.  We're putting together a red dinner for them:  pepperoni heart-shaped pizza, red wine, a red velvet cake, and a six pack of Nordeast beer which has a tinge of red to it!  After we drop off the dinner, we'll head to the Mall of America for a Josh Wilson concert.  The kids have really been into KTIS which is always encouraging and uplifting!
Also, I thought I should show you all a bit of my knitting.  I'm working on a pair of leg warmers for Jane.  Since her legs are so short, I figured this would be a project I could finish while it's STILL winter!  I'm almost finished with the first one.  But look what's underneath all that loot.  Yes, that's a beautifully crocheted tablecloth handmade by one of my aunts when I was very young.  She made it for me to put on my table when I had my own home.  See what I have to live up to!  I hope to crochet as beautifully as she did.  The bar is set pretty high!


  1. How was the concert? We're so out of the loop, I've never even heard of the fellow you were going to see. Perhaps we expand our horizons a bit!

    You'll have to post a picture of Jane with her leg warmer when you get them done. Looking forward to seeing them.

    Don't you feel blessed to have such a wonderful hubby? It truly is a gift to be married to your best friend!

  2. The concert was fun! I had hoped to finish the leg warmer while sitting and waiting for the concert to start, but I forgot one of my knitting needles!:( Oh, well. We are both truly blessed.:)


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