Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flan Update: Disaster & Success

I was so excited to come home and check the flan in the refrigerator this afternoon, but I didn't stabilize the pan I had stored them in.  As I opened the refrigerator, I had an unexpected surprise and....

I'm just thankful my mother-in-law was here helping with the little kids.  Her presence helped me keep from crying AND swearing over those little disasters.  Heck, I even grabbed the camera so I could show the girls later!

But, there was success after all of that...

Daddy said he felt like he was eating at a 5 star restaurant!  SCORE!!


  1. oh Grace - so sorry that some of your hard work ended up on the floor.

    Wonderful to hear that your hubby enjoyed them so much.

    You're a great mom and wife! :-)

  2. Thanks, Heather! BTW...we had a fun time on Sunday...thanks again.:) Have a great day!


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