Saturday, February 5, 2011

BTW...Schoenstatt Girls' Camp

I thought I'd better spread the word that the Schoenstatt Girls' Camp brochure is out.  For those of you in MN, you already know the camp weeks fill up quickly.  You can go here to download the camp brochure, print it off, and send it in.  The camps are a great week away with a beautiful order of nuns and like-minded girls.  This will be Monica's fourth camp and Maria's second.  Oh, and don't forget there's lots to do in the area.  Here is a link to Walnut Grove, MN for checking out the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum, visit Plum Creek, and the sight of their dugout home.  Plus, here's another link to the Betsy Tacy Society in Mankato.  You can get a tour of both Betsy and Tacy's homes and see some cool memorabilia.  So, what are you waiting for?  Go now!!

A Beautiful Place!


  1. This looks like a wonderful camp! My oldest is not quite old enough, but this will be perfect for her starting next summer! Now I just have to remember this ~ LOL!

  2. My Madeline had the best experience at this camp last year. Haley is super excited to join her this year. The sisters do a fabulous job instilling a deep love and devotion to Our Blessed Mother. And, it's super cheap....not that it's a deciding factor, but it sure helps (especially if you have more than one attending!) We'll be sending off our registration on Monday morning!


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