Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What a Day...C is for Confession

Reminiscent Lunch

I was beyond thrilled to see that Costco is now carrying La Madeleine's Tomato Basil Soup!  I remember e-mailing them about 7 years ago to see if they could open a restaurant here, but there was no such luck.  I have fond memories of La Madeleine.  Before dating, Daddy and I took a 3PM Adoration hour at St. Monica's in Dallas.  After our hour of Adoration, we would stop at La Madeleine and have soup, a caesar salad, and of course the free bread and jam.  I told the kids we fell in love over that Tomato Basil Soup!  They just laughed and sweet.  I also told them I didn't know what did the trick:  a handsome man, the adoration hour, or the soup?  The always inspired Molly quickly said, "That's what you call a grace!"  That's exactly right.  Since I couldn't figure out how to commit the soup, I'm left with being so happy to serve it to the kids.  I did have my lifetime supply of the soup before starting my program.  At least I have fond memories of it, and the kids thought it was great!

First Confession

Miss Molly had her First Confession this evening.  She showered after school time, had Monica do her hair, put on one of her dresses, and was all aflutter at dinner.  She told me the most amazing thing before we took her to the church:

Mom, today when the others were playing the piano and singing, I thought God made me with all his strength.  He loves me more than anything.  I felt so happy!  I thought I have to do what Mom asks me to do because that is what God would do and would want me to do. -Molly (7 years)

She's incredible, truly a child, and amazing!  I love her innocence and honesty.  I was so proud of her today.  After confession she said she wanted to do it again and again!  I love that kid.

Everybody's Knitting

I can't believe I started knitting again after 4 years of avoiding it like the plague.  I was inspired by a project book that stated clearly "for beginners."  Consequently, the girls now want to knit and asked if they could have more yarn and knitting needles.  I love when they get excited about something and dive right in.  We'll see what little creations start popping up, or should I say unraveling?


  1. Beautiful quote from a beautiful girl! Congratulations to her on receiving her First Confession. My oldest received hers last Saturday ;-)

  2. Thanks! Congratulations to your family, too.:)


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