Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Download This

I have been loving my MacBook Pro and Ipod Touch.  We were able to purchase one last Spring with their "gear up for school" promotional.  Daddy bought one for us using his educator status and received an I-touch free which he gave to me.  I can't say enough about this computer!  It's so well engineered and very user-friendly.
I love using Ical and syncing it with my I-touch.  I don't use a paper calendar anymore and now have a "to-do" list App so I don't have little notes that I misplace.  I have all my favorite music downloaded on the I-touch with a few things for the kids, too.
These are my favorite Apps:

The kids favorite Apps are:

  • Uno
  • Chess
  • Bob Books
  • Unblock Me
  • Weather and Clock to see what time or weather it is in different parts of the world!
Yesterday, I downloaded children's music that I was missing.  We had our CD's stolen 4 years ago and lost a lot of our favorite music.:(  Here's what I downloaded....I'm so excited!

I have yet to purchase our favorite songs from Riders in the Sky Saddle Pals.  We've seen these guys twice at the State Fair.  They're so funny, great musicians, and love kids!

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