Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cleaning Day

Every two weeks we clean our house from top to bottom.  We did have a cleaning lady two years ago, but had to make a financial decision to let her go.  She did teach us quite a few things, though, about cleaning our own house.  We've also found some things that absolutely make keeping our house clean much easier.

Miele Vacuum Cleaner - We love German design so this vacuum cleaner was a wish we had for a few years.  We finally bought this one used 5 years ago.  We had eyed them at Warner's Stellian but worked out a deal with them to buy the model they used to vacuum their front rugs at the St. Paul store.  They knocked the price down about half!  This can be used on carpet and hard floors, has a telescoping handle, and comes with two attachments.  The built in hepa filter is wonderful...we don't sneeze when we vacuum!  It's lightweight and has a very powerful motor.  This was definitely worth the investment, and now we are thinking about getting a second one just to have on hand for the downstairs.

Swiffer Duster with Telescoping handle - This is great for getting spiderwebs off walls and dusting those tall, hard to reach places.  I love it because I'm vertically challenged!  This really gets the house clean where neither the children or I can reach.  This is great for the tops of doorways and ceiling fans, too.

Swiffer floor and surface dusters - These are just great for everyone to use.  I know they are light enough so even the kids can dust a room or "swiffer" a hard-wood floor to get dust bunnies.  

Clorox Wipes - These are great for doing a quick disinfecting swipe before cleaning day.  On cleaning day we use stronger cleansers, water, and elbow grease.  But for a quick job, these do the trick!

Our ex-cleaning lady also got us used to hitting the reset button before cleaning day.  This means all the clothes get rehung, folded, and put into drawers (if it isn't already) and all the toys get disassembled and put away or at least up off the floor.  Toys and other items get retrieved from under beds, and surfaces get tidied.  This is also our time to throw things away or set them aside for donating.  This happens every two weeks so we can maintain our home in an orderly way.  It's great because I don't get anxious about the house being disorganized or dusty.  By maintaining this routine, we are able to manage our spaces and things.  I always tell the kids the house is for us not just our stuff so that helps them make decisions when they want to purchase things.  They always ask themselves if this is a NEED or a WANT.  In either case, they have to think about where it will go if they get it.  This may mean something else may have to go.  This is hard for them, but I can truly see they are happy living in an orderly, clean place.


  1. Sounds like you've got this cleaning thing all figured out. I like the every other week idea....may have to give that a try. We have a similar vacuum and LOVE it! (I really like a nicely vacuumed room!)
    We're off this morning for the Dells. I'll get in touch with you when we get back. Had 4 showings in 4 days...hoping that will continue while we're gone - we'll leave the house clean and not have to worry about it! Thanks for your continued prayers. We'll keep you posted.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration. Found your blog from Like Mother Like Daughter. We have way too many things for me to keep up with. Can you give more ideas for incentives to purge? I have 4 girls under age 7 and can't seem to get past the...what if the next girl needs it? What if we keep having children? Is this just a stage I need to suffer through?


  3. One of the tough realizations we had to come to was to live in the moment. This means asking questions like, "Do we need the money now? Maybe I can sell this and someone else can use it right now.". Or what about space. "Do we need the space more than the stuff?". I hate getting rid of stuff just to find I need it later, but where's my trust in God to provide what I need when I need it? Space, peace, money when you need it...these are all gifts. It's hard to let go, but when you do God usually provides some other gift better than anything you could have hung onto. Enjoy those girls and thanks for asking!


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