Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Along the Alphabet Path: B Week

B is for Bugle Fairy, Boats, and St. Bernadette

I wondered if the boys would like the Alphabet Path's slant on learning with flower fairies.  I had to think hard on that one and whether or not they would shun the lessons completely because fairies are a "girl thing."  Letter A week went ok, but they didn't pay any attention to the Apple Blossom fairies or Mrs. Applebee.  But this week when I introduced the Bugle Fairy, that got their attention.  They love the part of the song that says, ready for anything danger or fun!  That's what got them!  "Danger" is a word my boys love.  They love slaying all my dragons, protecting me and the girls, and fighting the bad guys.  Chivalry is their middle name.  Remember Lucas the Bug Man?  Now he kills all my bugs!

Some of the books we read:
Beluga Whales
Water Birds
DK Bugs
Animal Babies
All About Owls

Letter Formation
Letter B Stamping
Blueberry Math (Fractions)
Beading with Blue Beads
Boats picture study from Museum ABC

Biscuits with Butter
Banana Bread

And here is our Painted Saint - Bernadette

Meanwhile the older girls have been working on their study of the Middle Ages.  It was suggested in our History Activity Book they learn to play chess which was invented by the Arabs.  This ties into the Saracens in connection with the Crusades.  I love to play chess, and the kids have quickly caught on.

Have a great week!

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