Monday, November 29, 2010

Taking a Break...Preparing

Since there are only 3 more weeks of school before Christmas break and because this is the season to prepare our hearts, I've decided to post less.  We've had colds and scratchy throats and have been busy gathering our Advent decorations to prepare for the season.  I hope you all have a prayerful Advent and are able to escape a bit in your daily meditation to prepare your hearts for Christ's birth.



Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, Turkey!

I just love remembering times Mr. Widner, my 7th grade science teacher, would yell at the boys in my class and call them, "Turkey!"  He would then throw an eraser from his desk and bean them on the head.  It was great!  Mr. Widner passed away two years ago, but I remember him fondly.  He thought I was cute and was very nice to me.:)  This year I have two squirrely boys of my own that I yell at quite frequently, and I do have an eraser that I can use to bean them on the head!  I'm so thankful for all the monkeys in my house and they're crazy father.  I am truly blessed to have so much support from family and friends.  Here's wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Getting ready for the day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wasting Money

I should probably be in a DA program for my constant obsession with money and spending.  I hate to spend money, I hate wasting it, and I hate anything related to shopping.  I make frivolous impulsive purchases and fret about them later.  I often get buyer's remorse soon after buying.  I scan all over the place to find a good deal and will still try to justify the purchase after it is bought.  But one of my absolute worst feelings is the thought of spending money on something I think is good quality only to find out it's a piece of junk after it's too late to return when your kids do the laundry and put in a nice pair of washable leggings into the dryer and now they'll only fit a Barbie!
I always think, "If I had oodles and oodles of money, I wouldn't buy anything 'cheapy' and everything I bought would last long enough to be retrieved from a landfill only to be in a museum in the "Instant Communication Era" room.  But I'm noticing that's probably not true.  Daddy pointed out a recent little news story about Paris Hilton.  Turns out money can't buy you a decent pair of leggings.  I thought the ones I bought at the Cheap Chic Boutique were destined for one of those "I wish I wouldn't have spent the money on these cheap pieces of crap!" moments.  I think Paris would join me in that rant!  Who the heck pushed her to impulse buy these $200 leggings at a designer store only to have them NOT cover up her assets?  Damn peer pressure!  I am glad, though, that I can relax thinking I wouldn't do better if I had oodles and oodles of money...I'd probably just go to the Cheap Chic Boutique and buy 20 pairs of cheap leggings just to save all those bucks.:(  Just sayin'!'s a fun little video of my army combat crawler.

Morning Walk...Still Possible?

Of course!

Snow Trax Ice Cleats
from Costco!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Catching Up

For the Feast of the Dedication of the Basilica of Sts. Peter & Paul
which was yesterday


Morning Walk:  Love The Evergreens

P.S.  I did have a morning walk yesterday, but I had to leave so quickly in the morning that I wasn't able to post.  Hell Thursday struck again!  I'm not sure if I'll continue posting pics every's a bit much.  So, I might just give an occasional update if I see something really exciting.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary

This is a very special feast day for us this year!  While in Europe, we were in Rome for 4 days which included the Wednesday General Audience with the Holy Father.  That day was October 20th.  As we were doing morning prayer today, Monica informed me she had recorded the Holy Father's catechesis in English that day when he was speaking about St. Elizabeth of Hungary.

Here's a beautiful pic of the Holy Father that we took during the audience.

I absolutely love the way the sign for the restoration
 of the colonnade came out in the photo
 with the name "Pietro" right next to the Holy Father!!
And here's the audio file:

Happy Feast Day!

Wordless Wednesday: Morning Walk...Almost Frozen & Wee, Wet & Wonderful

(Have a Great Day!)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

Morning Walk...Calls to the County!

I thought I should do a little blog meme called "morning walk" cataloguing what I see when I go out for my daily walk.  These walks are helping me stay sane by the way.:)  I was a bit frustrated this morning that the trail was like this....

the path

I, of course, will be calling the county to complain about the unplowed path!  I actually walked most of the time on the street because I didn't want to jump the snow bank to get on it.  ARGH!  I thought it wasn't so bad until I saw this after I made the decision to take the path at another entry point to the park to show up a dog walker who confidently passed me.:(

fallen tree

That's right!  Not one but two fallen branches were completely blocking the path.  Note the newly busted trail around the tree branch on the right so idiots like me have to trudge through the snow.  ARGH, again!

FROM PAUL...Blogging in a Parallel Universe
"That was the day I built the snowman."

Have a great day & week!:)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What The...

Daddy usually comes downstairs before going to bed to make my night snack.  It's usually something simple like a bowl of cereal.  This afternoon, however, we took a quick trip to IKEA to pick up a shelving unit.  Unfortunately, the unit was out of stock (ARGH!!), but we ended up picking up a milk frother.

The Frother

Why would we want a milk frother?  Well, in Europe I loved having a steamed milk for my night snack from any number of local bars.  It was one of the only ways I could have my dairy before going to bed.  I hate hot milk!  But for frothed hot milk, I willingly make an exception!

Daddy, however, decided to froth my cold milk for my cereal so this is what I got for my night snack.  Never froth your milk for your cereal.  NEVER!!

frothy cereal
Frothy, bubbly cereal

Oh, well, I guess I might get a steamed, frothy milk for breakfast.  Maybe!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Git 'er Done...Yee Hoo!!

Aside from the normal, everyday stuff that needs to be done (i.e. changing diapers, nursing, feeding several people, feeding myself, waking, sleeping, etc.) we decided to get a few extra things done.  Here's a short list:

  • get pictures developed at Costco...Thank God for 2 coupons for 100 free photos each.  Score!!
  • get memorabilia archived in a scrapbook...another, Score!!
  • get family room furniture moved to the room/office downstairs...thank God for friends & brothers:)
  • get rid of giant desk in room/office downstairs....damn that thing was huge and heavy!
  • find all the hats, mittens, snow boots and pants; clear out the entryway; locate hot cocoa packets...did I mention I hate winter?
  • shovel 7 inches of heavy, wet, cardiac snow!
  • pour oneself a classic Manhattan...that was Daddy...a much deserved Manhattan.  I, on the other hand, had a weighed and measured bowl of cereal.:)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jane Update

I'm happy, happy, happy that Dr. Dahl said we are to do nothing about Jane's legs!!!  After seeing the x-ray he concluded the bowing is getting corrected just by Jane's growth.  I'm so glad we can take a more conservative approach with Jane's care.  She was awesome today....she stood up so straight and tall and held still for the x-ray.  Dr. Dahl said she was charming.  I can't get enough of her personality.  She really is a ham in public!

Now to approach tomorrow which is hell day Thursday.  I stupidly loaded up most of our extracurricular activities all on the same day.  The kids are real troopers, but the reality is we leave the house at 1PM and don't get home until 7PM.  OK, prayers for that please!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thought Dump

I have to post these thought dumps every once in a while so I can just get all of these things out of my head.  Here goes:

  • I have to ask for prayers for Jane because she is visiting Dr. Dahl, the orthopedic surgeon, tomorrow so he can let us know the plan for the bowing of Jane's legs.  I also met with Jane's endocrinologist last week.  The plan there is to have Jane take DAILY growth hormone injections starting at age 4 or 5 until she stops growing.  That would be 14 or 15!  That means, of course, 10 years of daily injections!!  I still can't get my head wrapped around that one.  Please pray for me to accept her medical plan and all it entails.

  • I'm still reeling from the unexpected death of a friend's daughter.  It didn't help that I received a phone call today from a person who was looking to blame someone for the daughter's death.  Unfortunately, the daughter was suffering from depression, and, can just guess the rest.  Of course, the person calling me today was jumping all over things like "large family," "distracted mother because of all those kids," "home schooling," "getting back into a parochial school and not being able to transition properly."  So, naturally, I was rattled by all those judgements and assumptions....gee, I wonder why?

  • Another time change!!!!

  • Happy note...Lucas is doing very well with his reading lessons and is turning out to be a very studious boy.  Naturally, I hug and kiss him a lot and tell him what a good student he is.  Breaking my heart he said, "Mom, when I go to real school I'm going to do great!"

  • We had an awesome gathering of friends from our parish this evening.  One of our parish priests joined us about a 1/2 hour into our gathering.  I love our new associate pastor.  I think I'll have to have him over for dinner so the kids can get a chance to talk to him.   Gabe wanted to show him all his cool Star Wars gadgets, but Father didn't have time.  We need to get something on the calendar for that to happen!

Thanks for the prayers.  I really appreciate them...and comments help, too.:)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So Much to Catch Up On

A lot has gone on since we got back last Wednesday.  Here is a quick....ok, kind of long, recap.


We used to go to All Saint's Parties until we got tired of all the work involved with either volunteering or just plain running kids around all night hot and sweaty in their costumes, playing games that 2 year olds can't really play, and eating things we'd rather not have them eat.  So, we decided to go back to celebrating a good old American Halloween trick or treating in our peaceful neighborhood.  The neighbors like seeing the kids, and I don't have to do much.  The older girls can handle their own costumes, the boys were set with a quick trip to Target down the 30% off Halloween aisle, and the babies stayed home with me.  I stayed back to hand out candy to 1 trick or treater!  I can handle that!  Paul was the sucker who had to take the boys and Molly out in the cold.  The girls went around the neighborhood with a friend.

Daddy raiding the box of Count Chocula


Nick is an amazing baby!  Of course, I'm biased.  He started sitting up a couple days ago.  Now he plays with his toys and is pretty content for an extended period of time.  He also gets tired so he's napping a lot better.  He's also eating a lot of baby food.  Maria loves feeding him and experimenting with new tastes for the little guy.  What a fun stage of babyhood!

Home Fun

The boys have really been getting into the Star Wars craze.  We let them watch the first and second movies which they loved.  After Gabe stayed with his host family, he came back talking about a lot more Star Wars facts about guns, jedi knights, and other trivia.  As you can see in the Halloween pictures, the two boys were Darth Vader and Obi Wan Kenobi.  We picked up a double lightsaber set at Costco over the weekend because we knew the boys would have hours of fun playing with those things.  They do!  However, they're not the only ones who enjoy playing with the lightsabers.

Here are a couple random pictures of Jane and her favorite toys and one of me that Lucas took.  He asked if he could take a picture of me.  I love that kid!


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