Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sew Fun

Two years ago, I wanted to teach the girls how to knit, but I had to teach myself first! Casting proved to be very difficult...I learn best by example so I turned to You Tube. I picked it up in about 5 minutes!

My next challenge was how to hem pants. I can sew, but hemming pants is very intimidating for me. Again, I turned to You Tube and found this great gal that goes step by step in videos on how to make a euro-hem. I was able to "euro hem" my pants and Lucas' pants...we're the shorties in the fam! Euro hemming is great because you don't actually have to cut the pants. It requires internal folding and you get to use the existing jean's hem for that finished look. You just have to measure twice and use a good stiff sewing needle. Otherwise, going through the seams could bust a needle or result in having to re-time your machine.

Here's a link to one of the first videos, but there is a series from "expert village."
Happy Sewing & Crafting!:)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy 9th Birthday!

After all the work on blogging today I almost went to bed without acknowledging one of my little flowers! Ugh...horrible mother! Today Maria celebrated her 9th birthday with a fun playdate with friends, a cake big sister made, and a dinner out to her favorite Chinese place. She was a little bummed that everyone's coming down with colds and scratchy throats.:( I still think she had fun...even though her mother is a bit distracted at times!

We love you, Maria!

Curriculum Update

I get so excited about Latin and History during the week. The girls are soaking so much up and their vocabularies are just soaring leaps and bounds. I can't say enough about the Latin resources we use. Memoria Press has so many products to offer, and I keep buying more and more. Just recently I purchased their Famous Men of Greece and Famous Men of Rome. These are to supplement our study of Ancient Civilizations from Story of the World (Susan Wise Bauer). I also picked up Evan-Moor's History Pockets for Ancient Greece & Rome so Maria & Molly have some lapbooking activities to do after the baby comes.

Getting a New Do!

Well, I finally figured out how to customize our blogpage using a little help from Shabby I'm so excited about this new look. It personalizes the blog and jazzes it up a bit!:)

So check it out & please, send feedback.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back to Blogging

I just realized that I blogged so little in 2009, and I haven't blogged at all since the year started. With Facebook, the need for blogging is almost not there. I have used our blog to update friends and family about life happenings, but sometimes Facebook is funner...until, I just reviewed the earliest days of my blog! The first postings were about such amazing times 3 years ago. The kids were so different then, but not much has changed. I think I'll get back to writing again. It's great to look back and see that life can be fun in the midst of chaos.:) So with apron tied on, kids in tow, and my lapbook nearby; I'll be blogging again. I'm sure the adventures will continue & 2010 will be as exciting as the others with this bunch!
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