Saturday, December 4, 2010

Two Things I Love...Oldest Girl & her guitar

I love to see and hear this...

She is always so concentrated when she practices.

Live guitar in your own home is the best, in my opinion!



  1. She looks to be concentrating so very hard on her playing. How long has she been at it? Is she still playing piano too? Haley quit piano this year to pursue guitar and it has been a good fit for her. Madeline is sticking with piano, though.

  2. Thanks, Heather. Monica started in August and only took lessons until the 2nd week of November. With all of her school work and piano (she is still doing that) it got to be a bit much. She would like to go back to her guitar teacher next summer. Right now she still practices everyday and tries to figure things out on her own. Lucas will start piano in January and join the girls in going to Hovland for lessons. It's nice when you find what they like...isn't it? I'm sure Haley will love it...guitar is so fun.:)


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