Sunday, December 19, 2010

Things That Make Me Smile

1.  Teamwork

Maria is concentrating in the first photo while she helps to reassemble Molly's graham cracker house.  Poor Molly accidentally dropped her house, but the other kids felt so bad they stayed up and put it back together for her.  In the second photo, we have the village....a boarding house, school, church, Hansel & Gretel's house, and a cabin!

2.  Being Fearless

The two oldest girls went to a birthday party last evening for a neighborhood friend.  I wondered how it would go since our kids are still retaining their childhood with lots of imagination and little to no technology.  Here are two things they helped the party girl to do:

  • Helped her ask her mother to take the cell phones away from the girls while cake was being served and "Happy Birthday" was being sung because the girls were texting and Facebooking and weren't paying attention to her.
  • Our girls didn't feel like it was good media so they gave her the option to have them call us to have them picked up so she could play Wii Dance Party with the other girls.  The birthday girl wanted our girls to stay so she opted not to play the Wii game.  Monica said she explained why it was bad media and helped the birthday girl understand her point of view.
I felt like our Advent was going well, but now I know it has been.  

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