Thursday, December 30, 2010

Style Watch - Brooks Brothers

This is really Daddy's favorite place to shop after our dry cleaner told him the best and sturdiest dress shirts were from Brooks Brothers in his opinion.  After all he's a dry cleaner so he's seen them all!  Well, maybe not Barneys, but then again he is a world traveller and has a keen sense of style so maybe he has.

Keeping within his budget, Daddy carefully combed through the semi-annual sale catalogue that came in the mail.  He made an inventory of what he needed to replace and set out to capture his finds last evening.  Today, I decided to go through the catalogue to see the ladies' section.  What a treat!  I found these little items that I wish would show up on Valentine's birthday and Christmas are just too far away to wait!

I spritzed a little bit of this fragrance on when I was at the shop last evening helping Daddy shop.  He didn't notice in the store, but he sure did in the car!  I think he liked it.:)


  1. Cute shoes!

    And I really need to find a new purse. I'm tired of using a diaper bag and then not having anything when I go out without children!

  2. The handle and trim of the purse match the toe on the shoes...I love faux croc embossed of my favorites! I hear you on the purse/diaper bag dilemma. This purse would definitely fix that problem. Good luck finding a purse!


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