Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Field Trip

This morning we drove ourselves and another family to Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis.  We heard a beautiful 45 minute concert of Christmas music including Anderson's Sleigh Ride.  That song was the best along with a Brazilian Christmas song.  Everyone loved the show!  Sadly Gabriel was not able to join us as he was feeling a bit under the weather.  There's something moving through the house of the stomach flu nature.  I'm not sure who will get it next, but it seems to be a very quick thing.  So far so good with Advent...the kids all seem very motivated with school and have been extra meditative during morning prayer time!  I can't complain about either of those things.  As far as the rest of the activities, we opted out of a homeschool bake sale that is scheduled for tomorrow.  I'm feeling very good about that!  Prayers for Gabe and the rest of us, please, so we all don't start dropping like flies.:(  Thanks!

Minneapolis Orchestra Hall


  1. We're heading to Orchestra Hall in the morning. Both the grandmas are here to come along and it's Eleanor's birthday - fun day!

    Ahhhh - the stomach flu. We know what that's like around here! The good news is that it passed through the house in 5 days - not bad for a big family! Although the baby still has a touch of something. I'll be praying that some of you will be spared!

    Sorry to hear that we won't see you at the Craft and Bake sale. Maybe we could hook up after Family Formation next weekend? Let me know what your schedule is like.

  2. Have fun tomorrow....Orchestra Hall is a treat! Happy B-Day to Eleanor, and barring any illness...we'd love to get together with you all next Friday after FF. Let me know how you all are doing & I'll do the same.:) Thx!


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