Monday, December 13, 2010

3rd Week of Advent Download

A week full of feasts kept us going last week....St. Nicholas, St. Ambrose, Feast of the Immaculate Conception, St. Juan Diego....these were all reasons to celebrate.  Not only that, we were able to get Jane potty-trained.  After entrusting her to Our Lady on Wednesday at Mass, Mary came through.  On Sunday, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Jane attended Mass sans diaper and wearing her Fancy Nancy undies.  Praise the Lord!  With every one of the children, I have prayed asking Our Lady to take the potty-trainee by the hand and show her/him the way.  She's a better Mother than I am....much more patient and persistent.


The storm of the century (or at least the past decade) descended upon us starting Friday night.  Daddy went into adoration and went out an hour later to a flurry of activity.  The snow continued falling all night and all day Saturday finally stopping in the evening.  We ALL went out to shovel Saturday morning to try to make a dent in it.

Monica, Maria, and Gabe working on a
snow fort.

We went back out to shovel two more times, but Daddy still had to shovel again Sunday morning to clean off the apron after the plow went through.  Overall, we received 14 inches of snow!  Crazy!!  This was a great day to do some baking so we cranked out three more kinds of cookies for Christmas.

The Benefits of an Interracial Marriage:  Feast Day Diversity

Our Lady of Guadalupe

We celebrated Gaudete Sunday by celebrating my heritage.  After Mass, we feasted on carnitas, corn tortillas, guacamole, sopa de fideo, arroz con achiote, limes, and cilantro.  Everybody loved it!

After going out to shovel yet another time, the kids and Paul came in to enjoy Mexican sweet bread and hot chocolate (we actually had Cola Cao that I brought back from Spain, but it's made the same way).  We called my Dad in Texas, and he sang three traditional feast day songs for us on speakerphone.  That was a real treat!

St. Lucia Day

We've never celebrated this feast day before, but I figured we should tip our hat to the Swedish side of our extended family.  Daddy's grandma's parents emigrated from Sweden so he is fifty percent Swedish.  Daddy picked up a Swedish Christmas pamphlet at Ikea to make glogg, but I was attracted to the Lussekatte recipe for making cute "S" shaped buns made with saffron.  We also made Swedish Egg Coffee to have with the buns.  We invited Grandma Carol to join us for our coffee party, but she wasn't able to join us.  Maybe next year!

To make the Swedish Egg Coffee we had to mix the coffee with an egg (including the shell) and cold water.  After brewing we strained the coffee through a coffee filter into the tea pot.

Even Monica's Kirsten Doll
got into the act.

Have a Blessed Week!


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