Sunday, November 14, 2010

What The...

Daddy usually comes downstairs before going to bed to make my night snack.  It's usually something simple like a bowl of cereal.  This afternoon, however, we took a quick trip to IKEA to pick up a shelving unit.  Unfortunately, the unit was out of stock (ARGH!!), but we ended up picking up a milk frother.

The Frother

Why would we want a milk frother?  Well, in Europe I loved having a steamed milk for my night snack from any number of local bars.  It was one of the only ways I could have my dairy before going to bed.  I hate hot milk!  But for frothed hot milk, I willingly make an exception!

Daddy, however, decided to froth my cold milk for my cereal so this is what I got for my night snack.  Never froth your milk for your cereal.  NEVER!!

frothy cereal
Frothy, bubbly cereal

Oh, well, I guess I might get a steamed, frothy milk for breakfast.  Maybe!

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