Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wasting Money

I should probably be in a DA program for my constant obsession with money and spending.  I hate to spend money, I hate wasting it, and I hate anything related to it...like shopping.  I make frivolous impulsive purchases and fret about them later.  I often get buyer's remorse soon after buying.  I scan all over the place to find a good deal and will still try to justify the purchase after it is bought.  But one of my absolute worst feelings is the thought of spending money on something I think is good quality only to find out it's a piece of junk after it's too late to return it....like when your kids do the laundry and put in a nice pair of washable leggings into the dryer and now they'll only fit a Barbie!
I always think, "If I had oodles and oodles of money, I wouldn't buy anything 'cheapy' and everything I bought would last long enough to be retrieved from a landfill only to be in a museum in the "Instant Communication Era" room.  But I'm noticing that's probably not true.  Daddy pointed out a recent little news story about Paris Hilton.  Turns out money can't buy you a decent pair of leggings.  I thought the ones I bought at the Cheap Chic Boutique were destined for one of those "I wish I wouldn't have spent the money on these cheap pieces of crap!" moments.  I think Paris would join me in that rant!  Who the heck pushed her to impulse buy these $200 leggings at a designer store only to have them NOT cover up her assets?  Damn peer pressure!  I am glad, though, that I can relax thinking I wouldn't do better if I had oodles and oodles of money...I'd probably just go to the Cheap Chic Boutique and buy 20 pairs of cheap leggings just to save all those bucks.:(  Just sayin'!

BTW...here's a fun little video of my army combat crawler.


  1. Nicholas is so stinking cute. Thanks for the cute video. You, my friend, are so blessed!

  2. Hey, thanks...for everything! I am blessed for so many things one of which is also having you for a friend.:) Enjoy the day!


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