Monday, November 15, 2010

Morning Walk...Calls to the County!

I thought I should do a little blog meme called "morning walk" cataloguing what I see when I go out for my daily walk.  These walks are helping me stay sane by the way.:)  I was a bit frustrated this morning that the trail was like this....

the path

I, of course, will be calling the county to complain about the unplowed path!  I actually walked most of the time on the street because I didn't want to jump the snow bank to get on it.  ARGH!  I thought it wasn't so bad until I saw this after I made the decision to take the path at another entry point to the park to show up a dog walker who confidently passed me.:(

fallen tree

That's right!  Not one but two fallen branches were completely blocking the path.  Note the newly busted trail around the tree branch on the right so idiots like me have to trudge through the snow.  ARGH, again!

FROM PAUL...Blogging in a Parallel Universe
"That was the day I built the snowman."

Have a great day & week!:)


  1. I think that's great you're getting out for a morning walk. I need to start making time for some daily exercise. We've got one more craft show this weekend and then no more until spring. Maybe next week....we'll see!

  2. Love the morning walk in the fresh Minnesotan snow. Who would have believed that a week prior it was around 70 degrees!

  3. Hey, Heather! The walks have been great. Hope you are able to find some time to gain a little sanity. Not that you need any...speaking about myself really.:)

    @Rachel...thanks for the comment! Sometimes I feel like I'm sending transmissions into the ether aimed at alien lifeforms. I appreciate your stopping here to take a peek as I was discerning whether or not to ditch my blog all together yesterday. A few posts without comments makes one weak!;) It's good to hold each other up. Love your blog, BTW.


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