Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jane Update

I'm happy, happy, happy that Dr. Dahl said we are to do nothing about Jane's legs!!!  After seeing the x-ray he concluded the bowing is getting corrected just by Jane's growth.  I'm so glad we can take a more conservative approach with Jane's care.  She was awesome today....she stood up so straight and tall and held still for the x-ray.  Dr. Dahl said she was charming.  I can't get enough of her personality.  She really is a ham in public!

Now to approach tomorrow which is hell day Thursday.  I stupidly loaded up most of our extracurricular activities all on the same day.  The kids are real troopers, but the reality is we leave the house at 1PM and don't get home until 7PM.  OK, prayers for that please!

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