Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Read Aloud

With all the heightened security alerts and the open ended strike that hit the newsstands regarding France today, I figured it was an inspiration of the Holy Spirit to start another read aloud with the kids.  I picked, The Tale of Despereaux. 

The kids love this's probably the 5th reading in our home.  I even promised to read the mother's parts with a French accent!  We'll just see/hear how that goes.  I love the alternate title for this book:  Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup and a Spool of Thread.  That's just the beginnings of a good book.  We may not get to visit France after all, but we'll enjoy it via the mouse-mother and the unlikely hero in this book.


  1. If you look at my Good Reads shelves, you'll see I'm reading it right now too -- for the first time! (Had to, after I saw the movie and the girls enjoyed the book!)

    By the way, thanks for the Latin e-mail a couple of months ago -- we're doing Latina Christiana I (did Prima the last two years). It's going fine, but their pronunciation is horrid!

  2. Hey, we'll be enjoying the book together.:) Yes, the pronunciation is awful!!! I encouraged another mother to e-mail Mem. Press and complain...I'll encourage you to do the same. They've got to get this right. It's frustrating to teach it one way just to hear it pronounced another.:( BTW...Monica's Latin Chat is good except for that. I have taught her to put the accents on the first & second syllables (as instructed by the teacher's manual), but the kids and the TEACHER in the class all pronounce the words on the last syllable. Frustrating!! If enough of us complain maybe they'll mend their evil ways.


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