Saturday, October 23, 2010


Yesterday was our last day in Rome so we left by train in the early afternoon for Milan.  That was a fun train ride.  The kids enjoyed the hospitality and the nice digs on the train.  We arrived in Milan with only 2 hours to spare.  That left us enough time to:

  • see the Milan Cathedral
  • take a picture
  • scarf down a quick bite at Ciao! Restaurant
  • have a near heart attack trying to get back to the train station and get our bags from the checked baggage area all in 20 minutes!
That was an awful feeling of dread on all our parts.  We were so fearful we would miss our train only to get up to the platforms and find that the train was cancelled.  Again, France had it's say with the train strikes!  After many tears, a very nervous couple of carabinieri, and all the hoopla of a cancelled train; we were escorted to customer service where we were informed a bus was being chartered for all those passengers with a reservation.  Thankfully, we boarded the bus and headed to the border, made it through France, and arrived in Barcelona this morning.

After a hectic night of sleep we were able to do a day of sightseeing to Park Guell and have a stroll down the Ramblas to enjoy a view of the port of Barcelona.  It was exciting to see the coast and the Mediterranean as we drove through the night.

Also, here are a few of our favorite back-logged photos from the two extra days we spent in Madrid and our time in Rome and Milan.

Kids in front of St. Peter's Basilica

Sightseeing Day with Legionary of Christ friends,
Br. Joshua Schmitz & Fr. Scott Murphy
I'm so glad I made it to the
Trevi Fountain with Paul...finally!

Milan Cathedral - relic of
St. Charles Borromeo inside

Making the most of it at Retiro Park in
Madrid after our cancelled Paris trip.

Thanks for the continued prayers, everyone!  We are so grateful.  Tonight we head to Granada on a night train, spend the day there tomorrow, and should return by train to Madrid on Monday for the last days of our trip!  We miss the US terribly.


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