Saturday, October 23, 2010


Spain scores again!  I have been so impressed at how Spain takes care of you when problems arise.  As I posted earlier, we were scheduled to leave by night train to Granada.  That was a reservation for 6 seats in second class...all we could afford when we made the reservations a month and a half ago.  I was nervous about this because we had a horrible night of sleep last night.  Another night sleeping in slightly reclining sleeps was not sounding appealing.  I quick ran to check the board of departures to check the platform number for our train...we still had a good 45 minutes before leaving.  I saw that the train was cancelled.  No French strike this time...some other crazy kind of strike with train workers only on this particular train.  It is not a general strike or anything like what France is experiencing.  As the agent at customer service said it was merely bad luck.  Frustration!  After a bit of regrouping, we took their option of taking a night train to Madrid and switching trains in the morning in Madrid to head to Granada.  That will put us in Granada at 1:30PM tomorrow afternoon which may affect our timed entry tickets at the Alhambra.  We'll have to see about that when we get there.

The good news:  they gave us a private 6-person couchette on the train tonight free of charge ensuring we'll each have a bed and the chance at a good night of sleep.  Furthermore, they put us in first class for the train tomorrow so we can be well rested when we arrive in Granada.  That also ensures that we will get priority in the event there is further bad luck with another random strike.

I'm pleased at the way the Spanish handle things.  They are primera clase!

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