Saturday, October 16, 2010

Feast of St. Theresa of Avila!!

Yesterday morning I approached the gal at reception to help me with organizing a quick jaunt to Avila with the kids.  I looked into this before, but I wasn't able to understand the spanish train websites.  I really needed her help to see how the rest of the rural world of Spain is connected.  We left our hotel at 10AM took a bus down to the rest of the town of El Escorial and waited there for an hour to board a train bound for Avila.  After an hour train ride with beautiful hills, trees, and lots of modern windmills (El Cid would be so disappointed! - Don Quixote de La Mancha reference).

When we arrived in Avila around 1PM we had to take a bus to the city center around the Cathedral which was very crowded with people for the festival.  This was fun!  The Cathedral is beautiful & huge. We didn't pay the 4 euros to go in so we headed to the convent to possibly see St. Theresa's finger.   That didn't work out so well as several processions were going from the square of the convent to the city center for more feasting.  We enjoyed several sights there...little girls in costume, older women wearing the traditional Spanish hair combs and mantillas, and the Carmelite nuns waving from up in their cells from their gated windows.  We waved at them from down below and asked if we could take their picture.  They shyly nodded, "Yes."  This was the best pilgrimmage I've ever been on!

El Escorial

This is the view from the kids' room.  El Escorial is beautiful anytime of day!

Please continue to keep us in prayer.  Tonight we leave for Paris on a night trenhotel.  God's Blessings to you all and thanks for the supportive e-mails and comments!  They help keep me going as I am missing the little ones so much and wonder if all the stress and tension of travel is worth it for the kids traveling with us.  They don't complain, but I wonder when I go to bed if they are just not saying anything.  Please pray for my peace of mind and the strength to keep a happy face so they don't worry.  Thanks much everyone!


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