Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bumming Around Madrid

This morning we were on a mission.  We woke up, headed to McDonald's for breakfast, and went straight to a nearby convent.  The order is called Las Madres Jeronimas de La Virgen Carbonera.  We walked over to the convent and were prepared to ring the bell and say, "Dulces," in order to have them open the door to the convent.  Fortunately, there was another person there to buy some of their baked goods.  The nuns sell these cookies in order to support themselves.  We walked through the door and down a couple of hallways.  The gentleman ahead of us was already at the little lazy susan getting his box of cookies and paying for them.  Here are a few pics from our experience.

Walking over to the convent
through Plaza Mayor

Paul and Niko in the convent hallway.

Finding their way to the cookies!

Grab your box of cookies and
pay via the turnstile lazy susan.  Beggars
can't be choosers...only 1 type of cookie
was available today!

After buying the cookies, we went over to the church to see the image of La Virgen Carbonera.  Their is a story that says the image was found by some children who were playing near a pile of ash.  The image was bought by a gentleman for a small amount of money.  He then gave the image to the church since it was found nearby. Next we walked to the Royal Palace and took a snack break.  From there we walked to the Temple of Debod, an Egyptian temple that was a gift to Spain from Egypt after Spain helped Egypt restore antiquities including some ancient temples. Next, we headed back to our pension for a rest before heading out again.  This evening we will be picking up our laundry and visiting a french cookie shop to pick up a few gifts for friends.  There are also a few more souvenirs to shop for.   Phew!  It's been a long day.

In front of La Virgen Carbonera
In front of the Royal Palace.

Playing in the park during the siesta.

The awesome view of the Royal Palace
and the Cathedral of Almudena.

Kids in front of the Templo de Debod.

We fly home tomorrow, God willing!  Missing all of you and the States as well.:)

Ciao for now,


  1. Loving the photos and updates! Wish I could taste those cookies you bought. :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed all the posts & pics. Wish I could, too! This no sugar bit is very extreme and makes for a sad European vacation on the pastry front!


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