Monday, October 25, 2010

Back to Madrid

Yesterday we spent half a day in Granada which was fun and exciting.  Here are a few pics of the time we spent while there having lunch and visiting the grounds of the Alhambra.

Arrival at train station in Granada - Andalusia

Lunch at El Sultan, Arabic the Montessori style tables.
They were so low that Daddy and I had a hard
time sitting at them!

Kids at the keyhole entrance to one of the parts of
the grounds at the Alhambra palace.

Kids having fun skipping along the aquaduct system
around the grounds.  Lucas liked sending flower buds
down the flowing water!

After visiting the Alhambra grounds, we returned to our tiny pension, headed out for dinner, and to buy a few souvenirs.  The kids picked up keychains, fans, and postcards before heading back to hit the sack.  This morning we woke up and caught a bus to the train station for our four hour train ride back to Madrid.  Upon arrival, we hopped on the metro and made it to Gran Via and Plaza del Carmen.  We are currently staying at a little pension on the plaza run by an elderly couple who only speak Spanish and who have had this home in their family since the 1800's.  They rent out 5 little rooms and luckily a neighboring pension has free wi-fi for its guests!!  The kids feel like they are visiting the grandmas!  The couple has a small yellow canary the kids love.  After getting settled, we headed out to look around at El Corte Ingles department store, Puerta del Sol, and Plaza Mayor.  We are in the heart of Madrid so the area is very lively.  Other big highlights for the evening were getting to go to confession in Spanish for me, Mass in Spanish for all of us, and hitting the tapas bars for dinner.  After grabbing a salad at KFC, my meal was complete!

Tomorrow we'll focus on the following:
  • ringing the nuns at a nearby convent to purchase sweets they make to support themselves.  They pass the goods on a lazy susan since they are cloistered!
  • visiting Los Romeros guitar shop
  • getting a bit of laundry done at Onda Blue
  • more souvenirs
  • visiting the Royal Palace and Templo de Debod
If all goes well, we head out Wednesday morning to return to the states.  The trip has been awesome!  I think we're all going to miss the European way of life, but it sure will be nice to get back home.


  1. I am so glad that you're having so much fun and enjoying it. Be safe and continued prayers for the rest of your trip and will add a few more on your journey home. Love ya'll and thanks so much for the updates. It's been a real treat!!

  2. Thanks so much! We sure do miss everyone. Thanks for the prayers....last day today.:(. Definitely mixed feelings!


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