Thursday, October 14, 2010

Arrivals & Departures

We arrived in Madrid yesterday morning which would have been Tuesday evening around midnight at home.  We all tried desperately to sleep on the plane, but with 3 movies being shown, the constant barrage of lights flickering, and a bit of turbulence it was next to impossible.  Here's the crew arriving in Madrid airport.

After arrival, we loaded onto the metro and after a brief turn around onto a different rail line made it to Atocha train station.  There we validated our Eurail passes, checked the status of the train that would be taking us to Toledo, and Daddy and the kids had a small snack.

After the snack we waited for the train.  Atocha station has these unforgettable giant baby heads in the waiting area.  Crazy!  The kids loved them.

Next, we visited Toledo which is a 30 minute train ride on the very fast AVE trains from Madrid.  This town is a great example of the middle ages when knights roamed the area or at least when the Cid was battling windmills.  There are so many sword, shield, and metal working shops.  We almost bought a sword and shield for Gabe but decided to wait and get something in Madrid at the end of the trip.  We went to the museum that houses 13 of El Greco's paintings, but they had a special exhibit of tapestries, pottery, and sculpture.  The main museum was not accessible, but the tapestries were amazing.  We could read some of the Latin on them.  The sculpture exhibit was great.  There were several Roman and Greek columns and funerary monuments there.  Here are the girls posing next to a Roman funerary column.

Here I am with Monica looking very tired as we waited for the bus to take us back to the train station.  That large looking gut is actually my money/passport belt under my clothing!:)

Thanks for all the prayers for safe travels and arrivals.  Unfortunately, Daddy overslept and missed the introduction at the conference.  Oops!  I am here posting while the kids are all still asleep.  They are so tired, but this is their day to catch up on sleep.  I may get a cat nap in, too!


  1. WOW! You're really there! Love the pictures - keep them coming. We are all traveling vicariously through your family.

    We'll continue to pray for safe travels for you all.

    God Bless!

    Heather and family

  2. Have a wonderful time! You and Trina coached me well before I left for my Rome semester. I still remember what you said about the gypsies. Makes me laugh every time I think about it. "You do NOT talk to the gypsies. Do NOT let them get close to you. I don't care if one of them has a baby at the breast!"

  3. I can't remember saying that to you! Funny, though. Every time I stop to nurse Nick in public, I wonder if people think I'm a gypsy!!! Seriously. With my dark skin & features, looking tired & a bit dirty, I wonder if that's what the locals think. Crazy, huh?


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