Friday, September 17, 2010

Hard Friday

I don't know who has a harder time on Friday, me or the kids.  They are obviously ready for the weekend or at least for movie night, but I am ready for adult conversation, reading, or my own on-line movie streaming.  I get a little antsy when Friday rolls around.  With that I've come up with 7 interesting things to do when your burned out on Friday (and you home-school your kids!):

1.  Movie - A - Thon

I've decided when we've all had enough it would be a good idea to set the Lord of the Rings Trilogy side by side and watch 9 hours of gore, lore, and incredible graphics.  The kids love these movies, and I can check this off as History and an extra-curricular activity in film-making!

2.  Sewing Fun

Of course the girls have several cut out pieces of fabric attached to patterns downstairs strewn all around the sewing machines.  I went downstairs last night and tried to make sense of all the pattern pieces.  Unless the dolls don't want to end up looking like Rainbow Bright, I might suggest the girls get down there, match up their pieces, and put an end to their projects.  Maybe a sewing day would be better than math drills!  Home Ec. - check!

3.  Eat Our Way into Oblivion

We could just raid the kitchen and the fridge and eat ice cream and pizza all day doing #1 above.  Costco comes in handy when you want to eat large quantities and you have a lot of takers!  Again, Home Ec. - check!  Personal finance and kitchen skills get used with this one.

4.  Play Dates

Here's my chance to get back at all the neighbors who casually let their kids play here whenever we are doing school.  I could just unleash my brood all over the neighborhood.  What?  You say they're not home?  The cool thing about home-schooled kids is that not only can they pick locks, they know how to make them!  They could just have a heyday in the adjacent homes of the neighborhood!!

5.  Real School

We could casually show up at recess or gym time at the local school.  Problem is they wouldn't want to go in when the bell rings...or would they?

6.  Dad & Kids Day

Of course, I should have thought of this one this morning.  I could have declared a "Daddy & Kid" Day at work.  Daddy's colleagues love the children and would love to have them check out a future chiropractic career!  

7.  Take them to Mass

This one falls under the category of exorcism.  It's always good to rid oneself of the demons within!!  Maybe I could keep mine and get rid of the kids'.  

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Ciao for Now,


  1. You left out my personal favorite -random field trip to somewhere crazy fun. For example - the Mall of America (Nickelodeon Universe), the Zoo, go to a Movie, Science Museum, Nature Conservatory, etc. Fridays are a laid back day at the Kraft house, mostly because we have the co-op twice a month so it's hard to schedule anything else. If you're ever having "one of those days" give me a call and come on over. The kids can have a movie marathon and we can have some "mommy time".
    God Bless!
    Heather :-)

  2. Hey, Heather! Forgot to comment last week. This Friday went on Euro-training again. We took the bus to downtown MPLS and then rode the light rail to the airport. We checked out airport security and had lunch at the baggage claim area. On the way back we stopped at Gavidae Common before getting on the bus to head back home. It was windy and 50, and the kids managed fine. Paris here we come!!:)


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