Sunday, September 12, 2010

50th Wedding Anniversary!

My in-laws are having their 50th Wedding Anniversary next weekend.  We will be celebrating with a Mass on Saturday morning followed by a luncheon at a hotel reception room nearby.  It will be a small gathering of friends and relatives.  Grandma Carol brought over her wedding, trip, and baby pictures so I could make storyboards for the reception.  This seemed daunting at first, but then turned into a lot of fun.

First, I put gold photo corners on all the pics I decided to use.  I then stuck the photo corners onto the display surface.  This is great if you don't want to damage photos.

Here is one of the finished storyboards.

Next, I had to think of centerpieces.  The hotel is providing table linens so all the tables will have a white tablecloth.  I did a search and found the idea to make photo tents for the centerpieces laying them atop gold ribbon.  After a trip to Joanne's the ribbon was going to be a bit expensive so I came up with a different idea. 

The Photo Tents

I copied some of Grandma's wedding photos and baby and little boy pictures of the boys onto white card stock.  I cropped them and mounted them on gold half sheets of card stock.

Then, I mounted these opposite one another onto a large sheet of black card stock folding each of them in half to make the tent.

I picked up a paper stack at Joanne's that had a few gold sheets inside to use for the base of the centerpiece.  The stack is called "Be Mine" so it's very know, weddings and all!

Here's how the tents will look on the day of the reception.  Pretty cool, huh!

And here's a little secret you should all know about...or maybe you all ready do...Anchor Paper in St. Paul is where I picked up the gold and black card stock.  They sell everything in bulk so I ended up spending about $4.00 on making the photo tents.  The paper stack was on sale at Joanne's for $10.

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  1. Looks like you've been having fun with the photos! Isn't is neat to look back at 50 years of marriage?! God willing, we'll be able to do that some day!
    God Bless!
    Heather :-)


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