Thursday, August 5, 2010

Great Article!

Daddy just sent this timely article from the Wall Street Journal.  I was just complaining yesterday that my boundaries have slackened looking more like over-cooked spaghetti around my time and responsibilities to my own children.  I find a few more of the neighbor kids just "hanging out" during the day because working parents are working, napping because they just got off work, or running errands.  I've become dependable and a bit resentful.  After spending an afternoon at the wading pool with 8 kids (ok 7 of them are mine!) after the mom of the 8th child decided she couldn't take her one child and 2 of my oldest because she was tired, had a headache, and needed a nap; I decided to slap myself with a giant sticker that says, "SUCKER!"  So yesterday I snapped.  I took the afternoon off, took a nap, and my bedroom with the door shut.  I like the neighbor kids.  They're probably the most well-mannered neighborhood kids you could ask for.  However, my problem lies with inability to say, "no" or put a a boundary around play-date time.  Well, like most things there are consequences.  I'm learning as we all are how to guard our family time, how to be confident saying "no" or "enough is enough", and how to be nice about it.  The reciprocal of this is that when neighbors ask if they can do anything to help me, I have to be able to gladly say, "Yes" and accept the help.


  1. You have my support in saying no! (and taking payment). :)

  2. Thanks....(as I'm yawning from my afternoon nap)!

  3. Completely understand your plight! The unique situation in our neighborhood is no kids even coming outdoors until 8 pm and staying out (yelling, shooting fireworks,and generally causing ruckus) until well past dark, usually about 11 pm. Our kids are inside and sleeping (or trying to fall asleep) while all the chaos is going on outside because it's summer and kids need to "be kids" which I guess means they can do whatever they want as long as the parents don't have to worry about them...ahhh...I feel better...thanks for letting me vent! Enjoy your day :-)

  4. Wow, Heather, I think we've talked about this before. We don't have that problem, but I hear you nonetheless.

    Hang in there!


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