Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yesterday was our first day back to school.  We're easing into things by taking half days this week...cleaning out bins, relabeling files, putting names on books, reading, lesson planning, and euro-hiking.  The kids received these packs for our upcoming trip:

I gave them a list of some essential things they should carry in their euro-pack and told them to carry them when they walk around the neighborhood.  They are able to roll the packs when they get a bit tired on their walks, but I mostly want them to learn to carry them.  They've also been zipping Jane around on some of the walks in this nifty little stroller we picked up on Craig's List.   This is a Quinny Zapp, and Zapp it does!

This is the stroller we'll be using for Nick on the trip.  It's very compact (will fit in the overhead compartment of the plane) and lightweight.  The wheels easily go over terrain which will make cobblestone a snap!  I'm excited for the trip....can you tell!!

For lunch we headed down to Central Ave. to eat at Jimmy John's.  I was looking for a doable walk (1 mile), a bit of a challenge (some hills), and a decent lunch on the nutrition front.  Jimmy John's did the trick.  We got a lot of rubber-neckers checking us out.  Even the neighbors met us on our return trip to ask how far we'd gone.  The whole trek took 2 hours including the lunch!  We'll try to shave off some time, but boy do three strollers really slow you down.


  1. I'm eager to hear how the stroller works on cobblestone -- maybe we'll need to invest in one before our Europe trip in (most likely) spring 2012.

  2. After reading reviews and getting recommendations at a Travel w/Kids website, this stroller, the Maclaren Triumph, and the Kelty backpack/stroller came out as our top 3. Kelty no longer makes their travel system and between the other two, the Quinny is way sturdier. And from retailing at $219 down to $70 on Craig's List...well, you just can't beat that! The wheels are about 3-4 inches wide so they take terrain quite well.:) I'll let you know, though, when this hits the streets of Rome!

  3. Your stroller looks like it's from the future! Sounds like you're getting your "ducks in a row" (ha, ha!) over there!
    The kids had so much fun over the weekend. The only part they didn't like was coming home!
    We'll be starting school next week (hopefully) and are using this week to do some "job training" around the house.
    Best of luck with your planning and packing! Let us know if you have an open weekend to come down for an evening.

  4. Hello, Heather: I was thinking of calling you to see if the kids would like to come here with Todd (maybe a repeat of your last visit here) to play and work on a few finishing parts of the deck. Paul mentioned to me that Todd had mentioned it to him. Let me know what you think!


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