Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Finally!  I registered with Hospitality Training Centers two weeks ago to take a one day in-service today for certification to work in a commercial kitchen for You Smart Cookie.  I haven't done anything with my business since last December so I was glad to be doing something again after my hiatus.  I packed up my food, drove out to Shoreview, and camped out for the day with 10 other foodies.  Most of the videos and reviews by the trainer were about food safety.

And, of course, there were plenty of warnings about the potato salad that sits out way too long at the church picnic.

Remember to stay away from that!!!  Now I know it only takes 4 hours at the critical range of 41-135 degrees F to reach a critical level of at least 1 billion Salmonella!  YIKES!!!  Ignorance is bliss...I know.

Of course, I should remember this from my Microbiology course back at U of Dallas.  My excuse, that was years ago!!  I was a little nervous to take my test at the end of the day.   After all it was the end of the day, I was tired, I don't ever do days like this...full working days (packed food and everything!), and there was no real study time.  I took notes, listened to the videos, didn't fall asleep, and paid attention to the trainer's reviews.  However, I still wasn't 100 percent confident.  So...I took the test anyway.  

My "Homeschool Mom" Gear....Kicked Into Gear!!!

That's right!  The trainer said the test would take an hour at least to complete.  Do you remember these?

I was filling in the scan-tron as quickly as I could read the question.  I was surprised at how much information I had retained.  I finished within a half hour!  I was so shocked that I just. sat. there.  I was nervous to get up so....I waited for another guy to turn in his test first!  Somehow those test-taking fears never really go away!  So I've still got something in this old head of mine.

I should get the test results in about 10 days.  At that point ServSafe will send me a certificate that I'll turn around to the state to receive my state certification.  Next steps, next steps...I don't know what those are right now, but at least I took this baby step today.  Thank God for that!


  1. Good for you! You'll have to let me know what your official score was on your big test...I'll bet you'll be watching the mail like your SAT scores are coming! :-)
    It was so great seeing you all last night. The kids had a blast - actually we all did. They can't wait for next weekend and camping with the dads.
    Take care and God Bless!

  2. Thanks! And, thanks again for the awesome get-together. The Alzens were awesome...we all loved every minute of it.:) The kids are having nonstop activities so they haven't had time to think about next week. They went to Hudson, WI today to see an exhibit of Christopher Columbus' replica ships, tomorrow they have a playdate, next Tuesday we're going to a tour of the Governor's mansion, Monica starts classical guitar next week, and then they can camp! Plus, Monica's birthday is next Saturday...trying to get my head wrapped around that one! Phew!


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