Thursday, July 1, 2010

Radiating Christ

This gem of a book was written by Raoul Plus, SJ a very long time ago, but is still worth a read today.  Today being the first of July, I'm glad I was reminded in my reading of the following:

...there is apostolate for the workday and apostolate for the holiday, but no holiday from the apostolate...."all the time, and with all my soul."  That is the motto of the apostle.

I thought I would share it with you here so I can comfort myself knowing I'm not the only one trying hard to smile when I'm out with my kids, be patient with them, enjoy them, not be frustrated or seem tired with others.  It's hard when the weather gets hot, the days are long, and naps are replaced with swim outings, trips to the park, or gatherings with friends.  Yes, there is time to rest, but there is a different kind of rest at this stage of the game.  As a mom, you're always "on."  Christ, however, accompanies us on the journey everyday.  Knowing that and remembering it in every moment helps to radiate him in all we do.  We will enjoy more and frown less.

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