Friday, July 2, 2010

Follow Up to 2 Posts Ago....Catalog Living

I was going through my mail this morning & noticed I received the PB Summer Catalog.  I quickly leafed through trying to find if there really are crazy pictures of abnormal living in this mag.  Aha!  If you too were ROTFLMAO with the post I did for Catalog Living 2 posts ago, go dig out your PB Summer Catalog.  Flip to pages 77 and 91.  I wish the authors of Catalog Living would post something about the robin's nest (with eggs!) in the shadow box and the chandelier made of canning jars (it's called an "exeter pendant"....what?).  And if you thought the picture of the 4 foot abacus was photoshopped just take a peek at page 109!!!

If you don't get the mag just go here to view it online!

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