Thursday, July 22, 2010

El Escorial

This is where Daddy's conference will be held in October.  Lucky!!  This is El Escorial...a palace, monastery, museum, etc. etc.

The kids and I may be staying here, too, but we're not sure yet.  Other than that, we're still looking into Eurail Spain passes vs. a car rental and trying to figure out where exactly we'll be going after the conference is over.  Plane tickets arrived yesterday or at least all the paperwork did.  That was a bit of a high!!  Here is a list of cities we'd like to hit while there:

...and maybe...
Santiago de Compostela

Why am I being so pulled to visit Andalusia again?  Maybe it's because of that incredible Flamenco number Smaranda Valescu did at the Rome Campus in Manziana back during my Rome Semester in Spring of '94...yes, I was a tame Spring Romer!

This is not Smaranda

  Her dance was incredible!  I also can't forget the many ways Fr. Lehrberger would butcher her name in Philosophy class! He called her Samantha, Samhara, Smyrna...just to name a few.  I love Fr. James...he married us in 1998.  I was totally convinced he would be the priest to marry me and whomever I married after he was our chaplain in Rome.  I even took a Phil. of Man class with him I liked him so much.  I'll have to send him a line or friend him on Facebook.  But again, I am digressing!  The photo above, however, reminds me that we were looking into a Classical Guitar class for our oldest.  She's been interested in guitar for some time, but we've been too consumed with piano.  Now that she's older, I think she can juggle two instruments.  She's excited, and we just happened to find (before the news of the Spain cool is that!) a teacher here in the cities who teaches kids.  He's excited to meet her...more on this later.  Can you tell my brain is going 90 mph which is not good for turning blog into book...EDITOR!!!!


  1. Were we in Roma at the same time? Why did I think you were a year ahead of me? We were the last group in Manziana, right? Due Santi opened the next year, if memory serves.

  2. I can tell how excited you are for this trip. I'm anxious to hear more about it when our families get together over the weekend. :-)

  3. Hey, Charlotte: We were in Rome at the same time...I think...there were a lot of us there. My memory is so fried now after all the kids. However, I do know I was in the last group at the Manziana hotel site. Yes, Due Santi opened the next year. So, I guess we were.:)

  4. BTW...did you finish Sense & Sensibility? I'm still working on P & P...I'm always reading that book! I've gotten distracted reading the Twilight Series and Lovely Bones.


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