Thursday, July 22, 2010

El Escorial

This is where Daddy's conference will be held in October.  Lucky!!  This is El Escorial...a palace, monastery, museum, etc. etc.

The kids and I may be staying here, too, but we're not sure yet.  Other than that, we're still looking into Eurail Spain passes vs. a car rental and trying to figure out where exactly we'll be going after the conference is over.  Plane tickets arrived yesterday or at least all the paperwork did.  That was a bit of a high!!  Here is a list of cities we'd like to hit while there:

...and maybe...
Santiago de Compostela

Why am I being so pulled to visit Andalusia again?  Maybe it's because of that incredible Flamenco number Smaranda Valescu did at the Rome Campus in Manziana back during my Rome Semester in Spring of '94...yes, I was a tame Spring Romer!

This is not Smaranda

  Her dance was incredible!  I also can't forget the many ways Fr. Lehrberger would butcher her name in Philosophy class! He called her Samantha, Samhara, Smyrna...just to name a few.  I love Fr. James...he married us in 1998.  I was totally convinced he would be the priest to marry me and whomever I married after he was our chaplain in Rome.  I even took a Phil. of Man class with him I liked him so much.  I'll have to send him a line or friend him on Facebook.  But again, I am digressing!  The photo above, however, reminds me that we were looking into a Classical Guitar class for our oldest.  She's been interested in guitar for some time, but we've been too consumed with piano.  Now that she's older, I think she can juggle two instruments.  She's excited, and we just happened to find (before the news of the Spain cool is that!) a teacher here in the cities who teaches kids.  He's excited to meet her...more on this later.  Can you tell my brain is going 90 mph which is not good for turning blog into book...EDITOR!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010


To Do List....

  • write down all the "to-do's" I have to do for the Spain trip
  • clean...this is never crossed off on any "to do" list
  • feed myself today...ditto from the last one
  • watch children, play with them, interact with them...crafts?  Ditto from last 2 "to do's"
  • read...I would gladly move this to #1, but I'd feel so guilty...why is that?
  •  nap...I can't even describe the guilt I would feel!!!
Things I want to blog about...
  • I'm drawing a total I'll just paste this little YouTube video of the Allman Bros. for my sweet Daddy!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hook 'Em Horns

When I was young I wanted to graduate from high school and go to the University of Texas-Austin.  It wasn't the colors, the city, or the fans.  I wanted to go because I'd heard about the school ever since I was in second grade.  I posted this a couple years ago.  Daddy loves this school.  He even subscribed to their college football store's online catalog.  I secretly wish I'd gone there to justify purchasing this:

or could justify putting this on our van...

But since I didn't go to UT Austin, I'll just have to settle for this...

That's right!  My little longhorn sucks his two middle fingers extremely indicative of his future.  This will be my non-classically educated, football playing, beer guzzling, pickup owning, Longhorn son!!  Woo Woo...I'm gonna get that mailbox cover and car deco. yet!  Yee Haa!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Passports Today!

My MIL called last night to inform us passport rates are going up tomorrow, Tuesday.  So, Daddy & I stayed up late...really get all the passport applications filled in for today.  He's coming home after lunch.  Then we pack everyone up and head to the USPS to get it all and everything.  This is getting very exciting!  Next, we wait for the passports to arrive and start working on childcare for Gabe & Jane...phew.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Vamos a Espana!

And, yes, I know I need a tilde on that "n!"  And, yes, it's true so far as we know!  Daddy's abstract was accepted for the WFC conference in Madrid, Spain in October and even better than that....he wants us to go with him.  I'm so excited...I can hardly get my brain wrapped around this one.  Now begins the hard work...preparations!  This is going to be so fun!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fun in the Sun

It's been pretty warm around here.  With rain on and off it's steamy and sultry during the day.  Consequently, Daddy and I started "Gone With the Wind."  We watch 20-30 minutes before we go to bed.  At this rate, we should be done by the end of the month!!  We're at the part where Rhett is taking Melanie, the baby, Scarlet, and Prissy back to Tara before the Yankees invade Hot-lanta.  How can I go to bed with that much drama right before bedtime?  With all the rest of the drama going on around here all day long, I fall asleep like a baby...I'm so tired!
Here's a little update on our summer...

Gibb's Farm - One Room Schoolhouse Day

A dear friend organized this awesome morning for the three older girls and 7 others.  They had a real school day in the one room schoolhouse at Gibb's farm.  Since Molly's the only one who now fits in our prairie outfit, she got to dress up.  

Catching Butterflies and Summer Love

Lucas is into Aesthetics

Lucas just couldn't resist adding another centerpiece to the deck table.
Enjoy your summer!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Follow Up to 2 Posts Ago....Catalog Living

I was going through my mail this morning & noticed I received the PB Summer Catalog.  I quickly leafed through trying to find if there really are crazy pictures of abnormal living in this mag.  Aha!  If you too were ROTFLMAO with the post I did for Catalog Living 2 posts ago, go dig out your PB Summer Catalog.  Flip to pages 77 and 91.  I wish the authors of Catalog Living would post something about the robin's nest (with eggs!) in the shadow box and the chandelier made of canning jars (it's called an "exeter pendant"....what?).  And if you thought the picture of the 4 foot abacus was photoshopped just take a peek at page 109!!!

If you don't get the mag just go here to view it online!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Radiating Christ

This gem of a book was written by Raoul Plus, SJ a very long time ago, but is still worth a read today.  Today being the first of July, I'm glad I was reminded in my reading of the following:

...there is apostolate for the workday and apostolate for the holiday, but no holiday from the apostolate...."all the time, and with all my soul."  That is the motto of the apostle.

I thought I would share it with you here so I can comfort myself knowing I'm not the only one trying hard to smile when I'm out with my kids, be patient with them, enjoy them, not be frustrated or seem tired with others.  It's hard when the weather gets hot, the days are long, and naps are replaced with swim outings, trips to the park, or gatherings with friends.  Yes, there is time to rest, but there is a different kind of rest at this stage of the game.  As a mom, you're always "on."  Christ, however, accompanies us on the journey everyday.  Knowing that and remembering it in every moment helps to radiate him in all we do.  We will enjoy more and frown less.
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