Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Who is Gloria?

I have, on more than one occasion, been called by some name other than my own.  Interestingly, I'm always mistakenly addressed as Gloria.  Why is that?  I can't figure it out.  I have never corrected anyone who has mistakenly called me Gloria.  I always feel awkward by being called Gloria in the first place and even more awkward correcting anyone.  A lot of thoughts usually run through my mind when this happens especially this one, "I must be that insignificant that this person can't remember who I was introduced as."  Sigh!  It's great for my humility quotient, but terrible for my self-esteem.
My question doesn't really lie there, however.  I want to know why I'm mistakenly called, Gloria, and not Julie, Jennifer or even Hispanic names like Maria, Conchita, or Lourdes?  Did the person hear a "g" sound when we were being introduced and that's all they can remember?  So why not, Gertrude, Glenda, or Gabby?  Puzzling, really.
I was consoled today, however, as I stood chatting with the dry cleaner while I picked up Daddy's shirts.  He asked about Daddy's uncle who suffers from severe dementia and is in a local elder-care facility.  He mentioned two of Daddy's cousins but referred to them as "Beth" and "Peter."  I was dumbfounded and really didn't know what to say after that comment.  They are not "Beth" and "Peter."  And yet, I simply stated, "Yes, they are very industrious and were able to sell Uncle X's house rather quickly and make a decision on his living arrangement."  Shocking, I know!  From that moment our conversation went from friendly to awkward.  I think he realized he had mistaken their names, and I didn't correct him.  He may be thinking I'm so lame for playing along with his blunder!  But, hah, I'm not the only one who gets mistaken for someone else or at least someone can't remember their names either!
Oh, well.  It helps to write this out and see in black and white how really silly all this is.  For the record, my name is Grace.  It's been Grace since my birth back in 1973.  At that time, no little girls were named Grace only grandmas and aunties.  Now there are so many little girls named Grace I look to see who is calling my name at soccer games and practices, at the grocery store or Costco, and even at Mass.  It's great my name is making a comeback.  And here's another one for the record, Gloria is a fine name.  It's just not mine.


  1. That's so funny! You just do not seem like a 'Gloria.' Maybe I'll just start calling you "Cookie," since that's your 2nd career. LOL

  2. One of my daughters is named Veronica, and when she was first born, she was often mistakenly called Victoria. Most of the time, I didn't correct it. Sometimes I did, if it seemed like it wouldn't make the person feel bad. Usually, I'd just try to creatively, yet discreetly, plug her name into the conversation somehow ... Perhaps it is the first letter thing. G for your name, V for hers?! =)

  3. Thanks, Jenny! I was actually approached for making cookies for a 50th wedding anniversary. I may not get that job as they are debating between cookies or a very elaborate cake. If I get the job, you can call me, "Cookie!"

  4. Precisely, Sarah! Veronica, Victoria; Grace, Gloria...does it matter really? But, yes, I can see the similarities and the potential confusion. I almost named Gabe, Abe, but someone surprisingly asked, "Ape? You're gonna name your kid, Ape?" So that's why we chose Gabriel over Abraham. Crazy!

  5. You need to watch the episode of "Friends" when Chandler's boss gets his name wrong.

    I've often been called Norma (the worst name ever, no offense, just say'n). I cringe when I hear the "mmm" after the "nor".

  6. That's hilarious...I should post a link to the clip!


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