Monday, June 14, 2010

Virtual Cookies

I attended an on-line open house with Memoria Press today.  The host, Martin Cothran, offered those of us present in the "chat" room virtual cookies and coffee to start out the open house.  It was rather funny, but on a serious note, I learned a little bit more about their online academy.  This summer they are offering 4 camps, 2 literature courses, training seminars for teachers and parents for Latin & logic, and 2 for-credit middle school courses.  You can check out their summer schedule here.  For fall they will be offering courses like Latin, logic, rhetoric, literature, math, French,  Greek, and so many more.  You can check these offerings out here.
We have really enjoyed using Memoria Press's books.  This year I opted to buy Big Sis the videos to supplement Latina Christiana II.  She has enjoyed seeing a teacher in the videos presenting her lessons.  What am I chopped liver?  Anyway, if it works...!  After a year of classes outside of the home at Yeah Academy plus the year of Latin videos, I think she's ready for online courses.  We'll probably try it out this summer with one of the Latin Camps for starters.  
BTW...Daddy asked me to change my font for posts.  He says it's easier on the eyes.  What do you think?  I'd love to know.  Also, grab a cookie on your way out.:)


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  1. Tell me more about what you've done for Latin. We finished Prima Latina this year, using the video, but I wasn't impressed. I'm not sure where to go now.


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