Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Produce Fun

I was just browsing the web to find a good applesauce recipe I can make here at home. Suddently, Pick Your Own popped up. This is where I went for the instructions on canning my own peaches last summer. Yummy! This site is the best. You can scan anywhere in the country to find farms where you can go and pick your own produce. Then the site helps you can it all using a lot of easy to read instructions and pictures. Pictures are a plus for me!!
You can click on the link below. I set it for Minnesota farms, but you can go to their home page and find farms all over the country. Enjoy the summer's fruits and veggies in abundance and later in the year, too.

Where to find pick your own farms and orchards in Minnesota for fruit, vegetables, pumpkins and Christmas trees.

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  1. Oh, this is great! I'd like to take the kids strawberry and (maybe) blueberry picking this summer. Have you ever been? If so, did you like the farm? Where was it? Thanks!!

    (We go apple picking every year, since our oldest was about 1. Definitely a tradition now!)


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