Saturday, June 26, 2010

In My Kitchen

Today I decided to cook up taco meat for the week.  Going against the current, I use my cast iron dutch oven to do the job.  These are typically used for making awesome things like "boeuf bourgignon" but not in my household!  I like it because cast iron and the lid keep the heat in cooking the meat faster.  Those are pluses for moi!

Here's my recipe.  The trick is the cumin...the more, the better, if you can stand it!

3 lbs. ground beef (I use grass-fed)

to this add 2 c. water for frying it up.  This breaks up the clots of meat and makes it real nice and small.  In Spanish we call this "carne picada."  Yum!

Drain off the grease and water after it's all cooked up.  You can fry it up a little more to get a nicer toasty-ness to it.

Next, add the following spices:

2 T. chili powder (I get bulk spices located in the Mexican section...they're cheaper!)
1 T. cumin
1 t. salt or more to your taste
1 T. minced garlic.

You can add 2 c. more water and simmer, at this point, to make it a little saucy.  Enjoy!

During the week, I'll pull this out to make tacos, enchiladas, or taco salads.  The kids even like the meat with cheese and tortilla chips to make their version of nachos.  It also freezes well.  Bon appetit or rather buen provecho!


  1. Here's something else you can do: ground beef "gyros." Cook your ground beef with nothing more than onion, salt, and plenty of dried oregano. Stuff into pita bread with lettuce, tomato, chopped cucumber, and some yogurt with salt, garlic, and dill mixed in.

    If you cook extra ground beef/onion/oregano, it can also freeze and be turned into tacos later. The oregano doesn't fight with the tex-mex spices.

  2. Hey, thanks! What a cool idea...I love gyros.

  3. I always buy my ground beef in bulk and fry it up as well. I don't season it, but freeze it in 1-2 cup portions to use in whatever recipe calls for browned ground beef. I am anxious to try adding water while browning...neat trick!

  4. Thanks, Heather. It's just in my nature to season all my meat for Mexican food...hee, hee! What a great idea, though.


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