Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day 2010

Cool stuff for Father's Day...

Skype-ing with my Dad, Mom & Sis
Dinner with Grandpa Ben, Uncle Mark, my brother, and the rest of the crew

Praying a Rosary for a friend...please pray for Don S. who unfortunately had a stroke after arriving home from the MSRA Car Show at the state fairgrounds this weekend

Hot Chess games on the really was hot & muggy outside!

A Marriage affirming Father's Day gift that says...

And, of course, here are two of the coolest dads I know!


  1. LOVE the shirt - wherever did you find such a thing?! :-) Glad you had a fun, family filled day! Enjoy the summer heat!

  2. Knew you'd like that!;) Stay cool!:)


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