Saturday, June 12, 2010

Burgers, Babies, and goodBye

We didn't do a "B" week around here, but we did have a Going Away Party for very dear friends of ours.  After a year of having our girls in a Little Flowers group, we are sad to see them leave the Twin Cities again.  However, they are embarking on a new journey out west.  You can surely follow their adventures as they relocate at Michelle's blog.
So we had burgers, brats, and dogs on the grill, and four other families provided lots of other sides and fixings.  The spread was incredible and enough to feed all 21 children (one sweet little baby was nursed...not by me! and my little Nick was asleep the whole time...miracle of miracles!) and their parents.  It was a wild house to say the least, but we all had a great time.  The rain even held off giving the children ample time to play outside in the front and backyards before watching a Little House on the Prairie appropriate!
Monica and I were able to put together a fun game which was meant for the children.  However, they were too busy playing so the adults ended up having fun with North Dakota trivia.  I used a bingo card generator online and came up with customized cards.  The facts came from a North Dakota Facts and Trivia website.  Click here to find the cards and here to find the facts sheet.  This is my first time using Scribd so I hope it works.  Let me know!
P.S.  I was so sad that I didn't click one picture of our good time.:(  I'm notorious for not taking pictures at our events.  So instead I'll leave you all with this image of North Dakota's state flower, the wild prairie rose.


  1. ahhh- goodbyes are so hard, but our faith makes them easier. Todd and I are both from ND and it makes me smile to know that a strong, Catholic family is moving there to help spread the gospel and grow up His Church! It's only a six hour drive with some interesting "school-y" things to do. Perhaps you could make a roadtrip to visit once they get settled?

  2. Thanks! Our faith does make it easier. We actually wrote "to be continued" in the card because it is a small Catholic world and we are sure our paths will cross again. BTW...happy belated the shirt!!

  3. Thanks, again, Grace! It was a wonderful evening (except for the fact you made me cry as we were leaving!) ;) To be continued ...

  4. Always to be continued, friend!


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