Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trial By Fire


It's only half the day and I just had the desire to sit down and just vent a bit...blogstyle!  Today was the beginning of a new schedule for us.  I have been fretting over not having enough one on one time with each child especially the school children.  I wasn't sure for a few weeks what they've actually been learning, if they've learned it, and where we might need to go back and relearn a few things.  That's a scary place to be for a homeschool mom.  I always joke about letting go of the reigns of control I never seem to be holding to begin with.  Well, yesterday I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and trying hard not to despair.  I was just about to look into enrolling them all into the virtual K-12 programs (MNVA) in hopes we could get each of the kids a computer.  That way they'd all be "plugged in" for the school day so I could have a bit of quiet!  After about an hour at the computer, I was able to come up with a schedule that could possibly work for today.  But "oops" I forgot about art today so already we were thrown a curve-ball right after breakfast when I saw that on the calendar!  Again...progress...not perfection!

Things were going pretty smoothly and

they continued that way today again.  I like the one-on-one time that each of the school kids is getting.  But, of course, there are always little snags along the way.  Like today...Molly has a piano lesson at 3PM instead of the normal time at 6:15PM with the two older girls.  Instead Molly will be at soccer practice tonight if it's dry.  I can't believe how much I pray for rain during the soccer season, and I still sign them up!  So again...progress...not perfection!

Hopefully, this "new" schedule will work for us.  Lejla likes the order and knowing exactly what's expected for snacks and lunch.  She is able to get the food done ahead of time which really helps to move the meals along.  In case you're all itching to know what the new schedule looks like, here it is:

Now, here is the disclaimer:
  • I do have a mother's helper who tries her hardest to keep Jane and Gabe occupied while I'm one-on-one with another child.  Throw the baby in the mix if he's fussy, and we're outnumbered.  Chaos then begins!
  • For these two days at least one of the kids has been eating snack and doing school time with me at the same time.
  • At game time in the morning, the games have ended in a few fights or very upside down rooms where they are playing.
  • We've only done 2 days of this...who knows what will happen tomorrow or next week.  Or what about a day when there's a field trip or other outing...what then?
  • This is a very dynamic schedule that has to be as flexible as we have to be.  Any bit of rigidity leads to stress and anxiety for me and feelings of inadequacy for the kids.
  • Also, I have all the kids at different levels for each subject.  The only thing that I do simultaneously with the kids is history and that's with only 2 children. 
I would appreciate a few prayers that we can get through the next few weeks while Lejla is working with us.  Meanwhile, back to the grind!:)


  1. Praying for you all. Sounds like things are progressing and you are working towards perfection. :) Great job!

  2. Thanks so much, Jenny! I really appreciate that.:) Saw your May review about Little Man...what a cutie!...we are offering prayers for all of you, too!:)


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