Saturday, May 29, 2010

Surviving the Homeschool Conference

Wow, what a great weekend, and it's not over yet!  Yesterday and today Daddy and I attended the Catholic Homeschool Conference.  It was held at Macalester College...a beautiful venue by the way.  We were immersed in so much positive homeschooling support from Dr. Ray Guarendi, Dr. Mary Paquette, Ana Braga Henebry, Minnesota Mom blogger Margaret Berns, Maureen Wittman, Lindy Meier, and so many other speakers and vendors.  I actually came away from the conference spending the least amount of money I've ever spent!  That is a victory to say the least.  Here are my top 3 highlights in no particular order:
  • Bloggers' Chat - a "meet the bloggers" laid back session
  • Dr. Ray Guarendi's talk "Standing Strong" - I laughed so hard I cried!
  • Homeschool High School Panel discussion - real live homeschool parents who have graduated homeschool students and are still in the process of High School homeschooling some of their other children.
Plus...I had a much-needed lunch date with Daddy at the St. Clair Broiler!

P.S.  Nick was being a total brat such a blessed baby at the conference!  He's blurred in the picture with me because he was kicking in the Baby Bjorn carrier.  So how did we manage with Nick?  With 15 burp cloths, 3 wardrobe changes (I would have added a 4th since he pooped out of his diaper and onto my pants!!!), 7 diaper changes, and lots of carrier and stroller time.  Phew!  We made it, Nick!

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