Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last Week in Review: 6th Week of Easter

I completely forgot that I hadn't done a week in review for last week.  In the Garden of the Good Shepherd we were focusing on the temple and the wedding feast of the bride (the Church and the People of God) and the groom (God).  It was a very beautiful week focusing on the beauty of the City of God.  For our weekly field trip we went to the Cathedral in St. Paul.  We met friends there and walked around to the different altars (the altars of nations) and viewed the main altar, the archbishop's chair, and the baldochino.  After our visit to the cathedral we met our friends at McD's for lunch.  It wasn't the best time as the older kids are getting "older."  I forget that Play Places are something of a thing of the past.  We moms resolved to pack some small sports equipment in our cars, go through a drive-thru, and meet up at a park for lunch next time.  I think that will definately be a hit.

Meanwhile, we have been wholy anticipating Pentecost this Sunday.  This week in the Garden of the Good Shepherd we are focusing on the Heavenly Zoo.  We have been talking about the different animals present in scripture.  I'll do a later post on this.  For now, I leave you all with this:

Monica and I sewed this cute little nightgown for a friend's birthday party.  We made it for the little girl's 18" doll.  Grandma Carol gave us yards of this flannel fabric so this is the second doll nightgown we've made as birthday gifts.  Wouldn't you like to receive one of these nightgowns for your doll?  I thought so!! 

After the party (a sewing and tea party), Monica came home and said she really wants to have the ability to sew anytime and anything she wants.  I was really convicted.  Because I do most of the sewing, I can be very controlling when it comes to MY machine & MY sewing stash.  Well, it's high time I passed on the ability to craft to my girls who are itching to go crazy with their own projects.  I can't wait to see what they come up with!  Can you say, "Detachment?"

See more craftiness at Amy's place!


  1. Cute little nightgown!

    Oh, and I applaud you for abstaining from sugar and measuring/weighing all your food. That takes incredible discipline. I read in your comment that it has also been a spiritual-growth experience for you. That is absolutely wonderful. God bless you on your continued journey ...

  2. Thanks, Sarah. I can't say enough about how much my faith has grown in the last 3 years. God is so faithful!:)

  3. Love the doll pj's. You'll have to tell me what pattern you used! It looks like you figured out how to "fix" the neckline - I knew you would! Hope you're all doing well and enjoyed Jane's special day.
    God Bless!
    Heather :-)

  4. Thanks, Heather! I did a tight zig-zag stitch and then added a fake placket to the front right down the middle using ribbon. When I sewed on the collar it really made it sturdier. With the bow it went from good to great!! Yes! I actually use American Girl Doll Kirsten patterns that I picked up from Ebay. They don't sell the patterns anymore for any of the dolls through the online store so you have to pick them up from people who have used them or are looking to make a buck through an online auction. Jane's day was so sweet. Thanks for asking & have a great weekend! Molly received Haley's letter...we'll try to get together soon.:)


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