Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Things on my Mind

It seems every time I want to sit down and blog something extremely profound I either need to be somewhere or should be doing something else on my to-do list!  Anyway, here are a few "things on my mind" that I hope to blog about sometime...ok, sometime soon!

  • I-phone
  • Names...to conceal or not to conceal on a blog
  • Miss America pageant...how did I ever watch these as a kid
  • exercise...so not getting any of this
  • cool music and how to stay connected to that...this is probably connected to the I-phone bullet...hee, hee!
  • how to sneak in a get-away this summer...need to talk to Daddy about this
  • school coming to a close...YES!!


  1. LOL, I was thinking that about the Miss America thing the other day.

  2. Funny! I was reading about the winner of the pageant in the news on Monday. I can't believe how thin the gal is and the question she was asked! You know what really scares me is that it wasn't that different when I was a kid and yet I watched it unphased. Crazy!


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